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Your digital assistant - fields of application for chatbots

From banks to industry

Chatbots, further transformed into digital assistants, can already do much more than assist simple communication with customers. In the financial sector, they make it possible to apply for a personal loan in just a few steps, select a credit card or evaluate the credit rating of customers. Digital assistants are available around the clock, they relieve employees from routine tasks and increase the quality of information.


Machine learning for industry

Equally varied are the possible applications in industry. It becomes possible to implement the predictive maintenance approach in the maintenance of production lines: Digital assistants have detailed information on previous maintenance services, error history, parts lists, etc. Based on this valuable information, they can make precise recommendations and help reduce costs and reduce downtime.

How chatbots work

The concept of intelligent helpers
  • A chatbot imitates communication between two persons about a field of expertise. 
  • The computer takes over the role of the informed person. 
  • He replies to a real human being with technical information. 
  • Each chat is a new exchange of technical information and contributes to the further development of the chatbot.
  • Chatbots do not understand statements like human beings, but based on the training they can superficially recognize the content of a conversation.
  • They have sufficient language skills and access comprehensive databases.
  • Artificial Intelligence provides them with the ability to automatically learn. Thus, a new chatbot solution is less about programming and more about training. The digital assistant extends its knowledge by drawing conclusions, thus providing better replies over time.
  • After the completion of training, a chatbot will imitate the communication between two persons about a field of expertise.