Logistics solutions for express and parcel services

cargoNET is a comprehensive transport logistics system for all processes in express and parcel services. The software solution covers all core processes and is designed for the cost-optimized handling of parcels in medium to large networks.

Since 1995 we have been dealing intensively with the processes of express and parcel services and incorporate our ever-growing experience into every new release of cargoNET.

Due to continuous development, cargoNET now includes all the necessary components for the operation of CEP services.

In particular, we cover the following areas with our solution:

  • cargoNET Office
    All commercial processes are supported, from master data creation and management to quotations and billing
  • cargoNET Customer automation systems
    Application for parcel/label creation at customers, parcel shops, EDI interfaces
  • cargoNET Core Application
    Support of all warehouse processes, starting with initialization, labeling, weighing, sorting, rerouting…
  • cargoNET Graphical tour planning
    Software for mobile devices
    full and comprehensive support for all functions and services related to collection and delivery
  • cargoNET Webservices & internet applications
    Tracking & tracing, collection orders, e-Shipping, electronic PODs (proof of delivery)
  • cargoNET Digitalization Services
    Graphical tour planning, geocoding of your address data, routing at street number level with sequence optimization and ETA calculation

cargoNET increases efficiency in the express and parcel service industry.

The broad support of well-engineered standards guarantees a quick and easy implementation of the solution. Our highly scalable and high-performance software architecture enables the greatest possible automation. This lays the foundation for more efficient processes, greater processing convenience and lower process costs throughout the network.

We also support international barcode standards!


Experience comprehensive door-to-door process support with cargoNET

Every step in the parcel delivery process is accompanied and optimally supported by cargoNET, which brings an increase in efficiency. Operations & Customer Service | Sales & Finance | Tariffs and accounting | Customer Automation System | web applications

We love digitalization – the cargoNET features

Through continuous development, cargoNET includes high-quality, state-of-the-art standards, from easy operation via app or web service connection for customer systems to graphical web clients.

  • ETA calculation

  • Safe Place

  • Track & Trace

  • Geocoding of all addresses

  • Web-based tour planning

  • Route optimization

  • Logistics and distribution centers use cargoNET
  • processed packages in 2022
  • total packets processed

cargoNET references

Companies in seven European countries are currently using our solution at well over 100 locations. The French B2B parcel service DPD France as well as the international subsidiaries of Austrian Post.

Which topic in the field of express and parcel services are you currently dealing with?

Harald Huemer – Business Unit Manager cargoNET

If you have any questions about the express and parcel service software cargoNET, Harald Huemer will be happy to help.




Markus Gunesch, head of software development at cargoNET

If you have any technical questions about the express and parcel service software cargoNET, Markus Gunesch will be happy to help.


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