The best of ICT with a human touch
Digitalization is our daily business and our actions are guided by six digital principles. We are convinced that the right team delivers the best IT.

The 6 digital principles - our system of values


Be Explorative

Everything new begins with each and every one of us. This requires curiosity and the willingness to challenge the status quo. Being explorative is an invitation to critically reassess and redefine. We no longer separate thinking from doing. We all are capable of generating change and making room for better ideas and approaches. Those who work with it every day know best. They should create.


From Products to Platforms to Services

Each and every day, we strive to reduce complexity and to ax(cc)elerate our customers so that they continue to be successful in tomorrow's purpose and experience-driven era. Apart from the sale of products, we create a substantially higher added value by focusing on turnkey platforms, such as digital cores, or Managed IT services.



From Solutions to Customer Experience

The minimum is not enough for us. For our customers, we implement solutions with added value which not just cover the essential requirements, but also include additional approaches which have not been considered yet. We are happy to go the extra mile to offer our customers and technology and service partners an unmatched experience of working with us.



From Price to Value

The business world is becoming increasingly complex and subjected to time constraints, making other factors apart from the price to gain importance. Whoever can deliver a solution with real benefits for their customers has best understood the challenges of today. Our main focus is on solutions which create substantial added value to the business of our customers, thus conferring an advantage on them.



From Fulfillment to Co-Creation

When people with complementary skills come together, great things can happen. We have the opportunity to combine our knowledge of technological possibilities in the digital era with the professional experience of our customers to devise new applications. Together we can see things in a new light and create something new in a creative co-creation process. This encourages our customers to differentiate themselves from their competition and to enhance their value proposition to customers.



Company Design Outside-in

In everything we do, we ask ourselves what our customers really want and if we can thereby achieve added value for them. To achieve this, we are result-oriented and reduce internal procedures to a minimum. We strive to provide our customers with the best possible, straightforward solution. We operate in a flat hierarchy and ensure a barrier-free environment - we select an employee who is available and best suited for a given task. We are happy to be guided by our customers and evolve together with them to continue to play an important role in their digital ecosystem.