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vPack - Private cloud in service operations, especially for medium-sized companies

Cloud, Data Center & Infrastructure

"Data always remains under control," says Arnold Lerchbaumer, Business Unit Manager Datacenter & Services

Axians ICT Austria now offers an easy way into the private cloud. With the self-developed vPack solution, the customer receives a rack with the complete infrastructure and the IT service provider takes over all services according to the principle of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS): From installation and maintenance to overall operation.

"vPack is an interesting offer especially for medium-sized companies: the internal IT team does not have to perform any tasks during operation, we take care of everything on the basis of individual Service Level Agreements - up to and including the top edge of the operating system if required - and also the connection to the public cloud such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. Nevertheless, the company benefits from the advantages of a private cloud - the data remains on-site with the customer or in one of Axians' data centers and is always under control," says Arnold Lerchbaumer, Business Unit Manager IT Infrastructure at Axians ICT Austria.

The individual availability and service levels are tailored to the customer's needs, and capacities can evolve in all directions as required, be it scale-up or scale-out. Billing is based on the resources used on a monthly basis. A web portal provides transparent information on consumption at all times.

vPack is implemented using VMware with a specially developed portal - all resources are virtualized. Axians ICT Austria guarantees a standard availability of 99.5 percent. The infrastructure is redundant and the package includes a dedicated backup with business functions.

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