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AI enables reporting of the future

AI & Analytics SAP One-Stop-Shop

The SAP and Advanced Analytics & Artificial Intelligence (AI) business units are merged. The focus will be on predictive analytics in particular.

"Until now, reporting has made it possible to look at the past and analyse the present. With AI we are taking the decisive step forward. On the basis of historical SAP data from last year, we can look a week into the future with a high degree of accuracy," explains Markus Morell. He was already head of the SAP business unit at Axians ICT Austria and from 1 October 2020 he will also head the Advanced Analytics & Artificial Intelligence business unit.

The forecasts are made possible by evaluating SAP data, which is linked to complex mathematical algorithms. This allows companies to react to future events in a forward-looking manner. For example, production quantities, stock levels or staff scheduling can be planned accordingly.

SAP and predictive analytics as a keyhole to the future

The Advanced Analytics & Artificial Intelligence business unit has been conducting research in a wide range of application fields for years. Statistical models and procedures based on machine learning, digital image recognition and the recognition and understanding of speech are used. These methods make it possible to optimise processes and operating costs, since, for example, downtimes in production can be reduced or transport volumes in logistics can be exploited to the maximum. Axians also uses advanced techniques to provide customers with sales forecasts that take into account external influences on the customer's business. This enables the company to look to the future with even greater confidence.

Edgar Reiter, Managing Director of Axians ICT Austria, underlines: "Our aim is to use learning systems to constantly increase the scope of our vision for the future. In future, we want to achieve forecast windows of several weeks".