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Our software platform with innovative microservices for routing and logistics

The best way from A to B, for many objects or persons, often with very different requirements - the new software platform addHelix uses the power of Big Data as well as Artificial Intelligence and delivers results in a completely new quality. "Based on the best-of-breed principle, addHelix offers a range of innovative microservices that are precisely tailored to crucial routing and logistics use cases," says Andreas Schellmann, Business Unit Manager at Axians ICT Austria, the developer of the novel solution platform.

Logistics turbo thanks to tried and tested services in conjunction with AI and Big Data

addHelix with its geographical and logistical functions brings a new dynamic and quality to logistics, where the potential of digitalization is far from exhausted. Thanks to AI and Big Data, addHelix delivers forecasts in a completely new dimension: How many deliveries can be expected tomorrow, how many in a week or even in a month? addHelix does not only use past experience for these forecasts, but also weather forecasts and seasonal parameters. Logistics service providers as well as industrial companies and retail chains can use it to plan transport volumes, required manpower or anticipated stock movements much better.

addHelix can be easily integrated into system environments as a perfect complement to existing applications. The access is simply done as WebService. The user accesses the gateway from his familiar working environment. Depending on the application, the gateway combines a multitude of intelligent applications and innovative mathematical procedures and prioritizes the individual processing steps.

"addHelix enables flexible access to useful functions via a central platform, eliminating the need for costly external integration of different layers. Our approach is: Tell me your goal, we know what you need," emphasizes Andreas Schellmann. The complexity remains in the system, the user is simply presented with the final result. A key asset is the big-data database, which provides valid forecasts based on existing data on weather, traffic trends and more.

Optimization for all "moving assets"

The focus of addHelix reaches far beyond logistics - the intelligent platform optimizes the movements of all "moving assets", objects as well as people. The intelligent gateway calculates for example the best possible route planning, with geocoded departure and access addresses and including tolls. The platform also calculates the expected workload for service technicians at a given time and also the most efficient shift planning. But the computing power of addHelix also allows to complete plans that previously required one working day two hours faster. "We will successively further develop the functionality of addHelix and are open for many eco-systems. We also make our Application Programming Interface (API) available to other software developers", emphasizes Andreas Schellmann.

Intelligent gateway from Europe - use pay per use

According to the pay per use principle, customers pay only for the services that are needed, which is billed per use case. The individual functions are combined into three bundles-from the smart basic package to the smart upper league. addHelix was developed by Axians, the IT division of the European energy group VINCI. All addHelix data is stored and operated at Axians' data center in Vienna. Customers can thus be sure that all information remains in compliance with data protection laws in Europe. Many years of logistics know-how went into its development. This power is evident in the new platform; the first practical tests at logistics companies and within the Axians Group were very promising. Now the platform is officially launched internationally, a free demo is now available on the website: