That’s how lbase helps the Easter bunny plan his tour

The Easter bunny operates in a harsh business environment. The smart lbase tour planning could help him optimize his delivery processes.

That’s how lbase helps the Easter bunny plan his tourThe Easter bunny may look cuddly, but he is second to none when it comes to delivering efficiently. Because in the night to Easter Sunday it’s make or break for him, year by year. Until sunrise he delivers and hides all Easter baskets without forgetting anyone or delivering twice to the same address. His reward are the beaming faces of the children in the morning. And to him this is worth all the hard work and huge efforts.

The Easter bunny started 300 years ago as a small, regional family business. To date his target market has been growing constantly, and more and more Easter baskets are to be delivered simultaneously. And the order volume will grow further in the years to come. Therefore efficiency as well as economy of time and power are of paramount importance. The smart tour planning offered by lbase could help the Easter bunny optimize his business model.

By means of lbase tour planning, the Easter bunny could not only improve his delivering processes, but also manage his costs. And the matter of smart tour planning is much easier than the Easter bunny can imagine. The already existing qualified address base is geocoded for tour planning. To prevent that one child gets two baskets, a duplicate comparison is performed at regular intervals. By means of a dispatching schedule, the Easter bunny allocates the Easter baskets via drag and drop. Then the optimal tours are calculated for him and displayed on lbase maps. And of course, all delivery points and time windows for delivery, as well as toll fees and route information will be provided during the tours.

By means of the driver app for smartphones the Easter bunny has all his tour and shipment information with him all the time. Thus he can process his shipments in the optimal order, while being additionally provided with information about any obstacles to delivery and deliveries of hazardous goods. As soon as an Easter basket is delivered, the driver app sends the data to lbase TMS. The process is completed and marked in colour in the driver app, thus enabling the Easter bunny to track already delivered Easter baskets and those still left to be delivered.

Smart tour planning is not just for the Easter bunny. You, too, will save time and money by optimizing your delivery processes with the aid of lbase.