Logistics Software

Axians also offers two highly sophisticated logistic solutions, which are specifically developed and customized to the needs of carriers, express and parcel services. Both software solutions are used continental and are constantly further developed and improved.

cargoNET – Software for Express and Parcel Services

cargoNET is a complete turnkey solution and covers all core processes for express and parcel services. The software has been designed for cost effective handling of packages in medium-sized and large networks – with an annual volume of at least 5 million packages.

lbase – the TMS and WMS Turnkey Solution

The logistic software lbase covers the complete organizational structure and all business processes in the maritime, aviation and land transport sectors. With lbase logistic service provider optimize their order transaction, disposition, transport handling, accounting, calculative and statistical evaluations. lbase’s modular system meets all the specific requirements of a company in the modern logistics industry.

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