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Licensing as a Service (LaaS) - Software License Management

The all-round hassle-free licensing package

Are you using software you have licensed or do you want to license the software you are using? Due to non-transparent licensing models and standardisation constraints imposed by software manufacturers licensing packages are often barely used after their purchase. And despite everything, uncertainty still surrounds licence audits.


We take all these worries away for you!

With Licensing as a Service (LaaS), Axians provides comprehensive IT software asset management as a service, 365 days a year. This ensures optimal and ongoing software licensing management based on the required service level and use of a licence management tool. As an additional special feature, Axians can also handle the purchasing of any required licences and guarantee the compliance of your licensing. The costs involved are transparent and easy to calculate. The fee is based on actual usage.

Your benefits

  • The only thing you pay for are the licenses for acutally used software
  • You do not have to consider your software licensing compliance
  • The costs are transparent, easy to understand and predictable

Our services

Software Asset Management

Axians can handle the management of your software licences. We automatically assess your software requirements based on our DeskCenter Management Suite, i.e. we compare your software use with your licences. This means that you always have an overview of your licensing usage to hand.


Licence procurement

Any missing software licences are acquired by Axians. Of course, we always choose the most cost-effective licensing model and programme. This means that you will have the appropriate licensing and won’t have to overspend by a single cent.

Pay Per Use

With LaaS, overspending is not a concern anymore as our service and the associated licences are paid for using a very simple, user-based model with monthly billing. This also takes account of any individual upgrade or technology cycles.


Upgrade Consulting

To ensure a smooth-running upgrade and allow you to quickly benefit from new releases, our Technical Consultants will support you in the implementation of upgrades during your use of LaaS.