Efficient collaboration by means of digital tools
Working digitally means working in a variety of ways. Our modern tools optimize collaboration and ensure higher flexibility and transparency.

Tools for the digitization of your workflows

Make use of the enormous potential of collaboration tools for the digitization of your workflows and take your business to a new dimension of flexibility, communication and transparency. Thanks to our long-term experience, we know the possibilities in this field very well and have a good overview of the numerous options available. Together, we analyze your individual requirements and assist you in selecting the right solutions so that you find the right tool to exploit the full potential of digital solutions for the workplace.

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Cloud Transformation Services
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Digital means flexible and transparent

Although the classic Desktop workplace still exists, the trend continuously moves towards a different direction. Employees are increasingly making use of various devices to carry out their job duties at different locations and different times of the day. For instance, online meetings and video conference systems now make it very easy to connect with experts in real-time independent of location. Digital tools support this working method through the provision of platforms for collaboration in teams, document management and exchange of data as well as their enormous potential with regard to the digital mapping of workflows. Axians ICT Austria assists you in finding the best among an abundance of solutions that perfectly meets your individual requirements. 

Communication through collaboration tools

For the aspect of communication, many professional tools use learnings from social media which has become an almost indispensable part of our private lives. Departments or project teams can also use messenger chat systems or video channels for internal communication. The features and security levels meet enterprise standards and the communication is archived in compliance with the statutory obligations. 

Flexible and safe document management

Professional solutions also enable the straightforward internal and external exchange of data. In times of exponentially increasing data, document management is of high relevance. Depending on the individual requirements, Axians ICT Austria offers a variety of solutions of leading manufacturers ranging from IBM to Microsoft.

Professional licensing

Software licensing models often lack transparency and standardized packages again and again lead to the purchase of unused authorizations. Axians ICT Austria helps organizations to license software safely and efficiently. With Licensing as a Service, we offer a complete management at transparent, fixed rates per user. We purchase all required licenses and guarantee compliance.