Smart security
Axians ICT Austria's cybersecurity roadmap provides security at all levels - from end devices to applications.

Application Security & Protection - Comprehensive protection for your business relevant applications

An end-to-end strategy to protect your business-critical applications, confidential data and critical processes requires protection mechanisms on several levels. Our Cyber Security Team has developed a portfolio of solutions to help you meet these challenges.

In order to protect users and data, application security has become an important aspect for companies. Security gaps in applications must be continuously monitored (detect), prevented (prevent) and repaired (respond).



    The main contents of our application security strategy are

    • DDoS Prevention from Layer 3 to Layer 7
    • OWASP10 Prevention
    • Privileged Access Management
    • Secure authentication based on multi-factor authentication
    • Real-time behavioral analysis at application level (performance problems, anomaly detection)
    • Vulnerability Scanning for software packages