Smart Security
The cyber security road map of Axians ICT Austria provides security on all levels - from the terminal device to the application.

With the right tools, security threats are no longer an issue

We must secure our IT services ourselves and know which problems might arise in practice. We are happy to share our expertise with you!

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Secure at all levels

Traditional cyber security concepts mostly operate passively - they are designed to prevent incidents. Axians ICT Austria, however, has developed an integrated model which protects devices, identities and data proactively and according to your requirements.

Real-time risk management

The Axians cyber security approach starts with the criterion of visibility. Only if you know the normal operating conditions well enough, you can record deviations. Our approach allows to prioritize and optimize topics and to provide functions with the required level of security. We start with individual requirements.

SIEM as a risk cockpit

SIEM (Security Information & Event Management) acts like a protective umbrella above the cyber security circle. Our risk cockpit enables real-time management and network traffic monitoring. Abnormalities and deviations when accessing the company's network are detected in a timely manner.

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Our Cybersecurity Portfolio - secure on all areas

Application & data security

Protection of data and web applications on-premise as well as in private and public clouds

Cloud security

Security and protection for computers, users, data and apps in the cloud

Datacenter security

Protection for the data center with complete visibility, multi-layer segmentation

Perimeter & content security

Unified management for CloudGenFirewalls and content security gateways in hybrid cloud-environments

Network security

Multiple defense layers with differentiated policies and access rights

Endpoint security

Endpoint detection & response solutions with continuous monitoring – incl. mobile devices

The Axians cyber security road map

5 steps to security with a system

With the disruptive transformation road map of Axians ICT Austria, organizations stay secure in cyberspace. From audit to implementation at all levels, five steps lead to a security-aware organization:

[1] Analysis and strategy

In the course of a joint workshop, we determine the current security status. Subsequently, we develop a road map independent of manufacturers for a period of three to five years. Thereby, we follow the customer's resource and budget plans.

[2] Operating models

As requested and depending on the project, we offer various operating models: implementation as a project, full or co-managed, or as-a-service.

[3] Security architecture

The next step is to gradually turn this strategy into concrete actions - with quick wins for immediate impact and other topics in the medium term depending on the priority.

[4] Technologies

In the course of the implementation, a decision is made on specific products. We select from a wide range of products independent of manufacturers. Our key partners include Cisco, Barracuda, IBM, F5, Computer Associates, Palo Alto, HPE and Aruba.

[5] Analytics

The fifth step is the icing on the cake: Advanced Analytics tools allow a detailed evaluation of the security maturity.

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Fortgeschrittene Analytics-Tools ermöglichen als Kür eine vertiefte Evaluierung der Security-Maturity. 

Start now with a cyber security audit of your systems!

Make an appointment for a workshop where we will develop a customized cyber security strategy that meets your requirements.

The result: a security-aware organization

  • All important data and applications are assessed with regard to the commercial risk.
  • Management has an analysis that enables them to make an informed decision.
  • The key players in the company receive training on the topic of cyber security.
  • Control systems are introduced in the company.
  • The company is protected from image loss, protects the data of its customers and business partners and has a secure and highly available IT network.
  • Compliance with the legal requirements is ensured.
  • Threats and attacks are visible and analyzable and specific countermeasures can be taken.