Smart security
Axians ICT Austria's cybersecurity roadmap provides security at all levels - from end devices to applications.

With the right cyber security tools the threat is no longer an issue

Since we also secure our own IT services, we know what challenges this poses in practice. Our team of cyber security experts has years of practical experience and offers comprehensive solutions to secure your business relevant applications. Contact us today!



Our Cybersecurity Portfolio - secure on all levels

Security Health Check

Penetration testing, vulnerability management, social engineering and phishing assessments as well as organization and policy review (security assessment)


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Application Security & Protection

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Prevention, Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) 10 Prevention, Privileged Access Management and secure authentication based on multi-factor authentication

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SIEM with Incident Response Mgmt

Security Information and Event Management - Simplify threat analysis by identifying potential threats, monitoring authorized users' activities and generating compliance reports

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Baseline Security & Advanced Threat Protection

Segmentation of network zones, Zero-day and targeted attacks, Advanced Malware Attacks, Advanced Persistent Threats and Malicious Command & Control Callbacks


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Cloud Security Framework

Strategies for policies and processes, best practices for a secure, scalable and available cloud architecture and solution providers with appropriate technologies

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Industrial Security

Network segmentation, vulnerability and patch management, network capture, analytics and monitoring tools, least privilege concept for authentication and independent Industrial Control Systems (ICS) security policy


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