We keep an eye on your systems
Your central contact for all products and solutions during operation, even if different manufacturers are involved.

Multivendor IT Support - We maintain all systems

One contract, one contact person and one responsible person for all manufacturers

Even after we have developed the ideal IT infrastructure for you and brought you into the data cloud, we won't leave you out in the rain. You can also rely on our experts for ongoing support. We keep an eye on the systems and ensure that problems are resolved quickly. In the event of an emergency, our service staff is even available around the clock. However, emergencies can also be prevented, which is why our sophisticated disaster prevention concepts include fail-safe concepts, emergency planning and recovery tests (data recovery tests).

Especially in companies that have grown over many years, we often encounter standardized services for which there is no longer any manufacturer support. Thanks to our tailor-made solution, these long-standing devices can continue to operate without manufacturer support. Our 24/7 support and prompt delivery of spare parts also apply here - which is of course only possible as long as they are also produced by the manufacturer.

Our Technology Service Center in Austria


We organize our services independently and with service partners. We consistently pursue our objective of providing 100% service.

Financial advantages

Up to 50% savings compared to manufacturer's services thanks to lower maintenance and administrative costs. Achieving synergies by pooling resources

No finger pointing

No loss of valuable time dealing with individual manufacturers who only focus on their own devices and are thus unable to detect manufacturer-independent causes of a failure.

One contact person

... in the event of a failure: Not the customer, but we need to detect, which data center or network component causes the failure.


... of the contractual framework: individual changes to contract periods and SLAs according to customer requirements.