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Predictive models - FinAPU combines all risk processes in a single platform

FinAPU handles all risk processes with one platform

What problems can risk management solve and what are the related challenges? In risk management, it’s all about identifying, analyzing, evaluating, ranking, processing, monitoring and reviewing risk. With multiple data sources and various platforms, this can be a slow and complex process, but now there is a solution! FinAPU (Financial Application Pooling Unit) can play an important part in enormously simplifying everyday business in banking, insurance and corporates.


Efficient risk management 

FinAPU adds economic value to enterprises by using financial instruments to highlight and manage different kinds of risks such as operational risk, credit risk, foreign exchange risk, inflation risk and more. It combines all the relevant information and presents a
clear overview by using intelligent models to feed this overview, incorporating daily data feeds from Fitch and Reuters. It’s a single solution for risk management, risk monitoring and reporting. With FinAPU you can automate your risk management processes, set up rating and early waning models as well as tools for simulation and reporting.

Major benefits

[+] Assessment

Obtain fast and efficient risk assessments thanks to the individually customized settings in FinAPU .

[+] Analysis

Obtain more indepth information and evaluate your risk at a portfolio and single entity level.

[+] Data

FinAPU uses high-quality data from highvalue resources. Additionally, your own data can be integrated.

[+] Monitoring

Daily data feeds and forecasting models enable our clients to effectively monitor risks.

[+] Processes

FinAPU enables you to control all riskrelevant processes conveniently on one platform using your own personal settings.

[+] Reporting

Analyse the necessary data in detail. All relevant information such as ratings, forecasts, limits etc. are available immediately.

Major Benefits

Demonstrate compliance

A major benefit for users is that they are able to demonstrate compliance with risk management-related regulations based on the workflow functions.

Portfolio views with one click

FinAPU provides global coverage of corporate hierarchies of up to 30 million companies. Choose between the “Entire Corporate Hierarchy” and “Group Members in your portfolio” view. Using this function, your portfolio can be displayed clearly with just one click.

Everything at a glance

Instead of having to switch between several tools, FinAPU provides a clear overview of all relevant data on its dashboard.

Data pooling

FinAPU automatically incorporates master data, corporate data and capital market data as well as the client’s data and applies data to predefined risk models and processes.


What's unique

  • Flexible platform for „small“ and „large“ clients – the platform allows all types of clients to assess their risks. Regardless of usage, clients have full access to all functions of FinAPU.
  • IT solution which works 24 hours a day for an enhanced employee and customer experience.
  • Use of the latest technology to provide an innovative risk management platform.
  • With one click, portfolio risk assessment is possible, including a full and partial ownership structure.
  • Automatic integration of various data sources like Fitch and Reuters.
  • Automatic data exchange with the core banking system.
  • Operational stability, security and accessibility.