Unified Communication

Planning, configuration, implementation and testing of the Unified Communication solution from Cisco on premise including support for ongoing operations.

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TRM Tiroler Rohre GmbH

Unified Communication

Our solution

Axians ICT Austria was awarded the contract for the planning, configuration, implementation and testing of the unified communications solution for Tiroler Rohre. An on-premise Cisco Unified Communications solution, a Cisco cloud meeting and video conferencing platform were implemented. The support for the ongoing operation of the conferencing solution was provided by Axians ICT Austria.


  • Hardware: Cisco BE6000M, Cisco XS80, Cisco DX80
  • Services: planning, configuration, implementation and testing, ongoing support for the Unified Collaboration solution
  • Software: Cisco CMR (cloud meeting and videoconferencing platform Cisco7WebEx, Cisco Jabber Client, Cisco Meeting Center, Cisco Collaboration Meeting Rooms)


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Added Value

  • Produktivitätssteigerung durch neue Collaboration-Möglichkeiten
  • Kürzere Vorlaufzeiten durch ad-hoc Videokonferenzen
  • Einsparung von Reisezeiten durch Video- und Webkonferenzen
  • Nutzung über das Videokonferenzsystem im zentralen Meetingraum, über PCs als auch über mobile Geräte
Customer Statement

"A great solution"

"Apart from the immediate benefit of having a video conferencing and online collaboration toolset, we could lay the foundations for a future IP telephone system. Even if users would not suspect it now in productive operations, we had some tough nuts to crack. Together we could remove the obstacles and implement a great solution."

Klaus Wunder, Head of Information Technology
TRM Tiroler Rohre GmbH
Hall in Tirol

About TRM Tiroler Rohre GmbH

Tiroler Rohre develops, produces and markets high-quality ductile cast iron systems for water transport. Furthermore, universally applicable pile systems for special foundation engineering are manufactured.

Tiroler Rohre GmbH is one of the largest European suppliers of ductile cast iron pipe systems. The sustainable properties of ductile cast iron, innovative product technologies and professional competence in the fields of application of our customers make us the leading problem solver in water management and civil engineering.



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