How you Avoid Production Standstills Through Preventive Maintenance

Analytical processes and methods provide you with forecasts of imminent production failures so you can plan the necessary maintenance work in time.

How you Avoid Production Standstills Through Preventive MaintenanceNowadays, a smooth production sequence is often a decisive competitive edge, since each unforeseen malfunction in plants and machines costs time and money. You’ll certainly know from your own experience that unexpected production failures will occur in spite of regular maintenance. It is not always easy to know when a machine component has reached the end of its service life, and this fact quite frequently manifests itself in a defect. This is where digital analytical processes and methods come into play.

Today, each machine and plant generates data on its condition, and the quality and quantity of the goods produced is recorded, too. These measurements are automatically carried out all the time during production. Thus you have a huge volume of useful and relevant data available to reduce susceptibility to failure. Due to digital analytical processes and methods adapted to your production you can process and interpret available information. By means of intelligent cognitive processes, the data of the machine, plant and goods produced are analysed in real time and are visually represented in relation to their context as well as their temporal sequences and events. In case of deviations from standard parameters you’ll be informed immediately. Due to continuous monitoring, your technicians will always have an overview of all relevant production data and will be quicker to establish the cause of any abnormalities. Moreover, you’ll get accurate forecasts about where and – more importantly – when which malfunction will occur. For example, if you know that a certain sensor will fail in two weeks’ time, you can plan the required maintenance early enough. Thus, you not only avoid unscheduled production failures but also provide for lower repair costs. Moreover, you can always concentrate on the work that is important at a given moment to avoid malfunctions. In the long run, you will additionally benefit from a long service life and lower wear of your machines and plants.

The digital analytical processes will help you to avoid unscheduled downtimes through preventive maintenance in your production, no matter in which sector you operate. If you want to digitally optimize your production, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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