How a Digital Assistant Supports Your Service Technicians

The longer the downtime in an industrial plant, the higher the costs. A Digital Assistant will help you to implement repair and maintenance more rapidly.

How a Digital Assistant Supports Your Service TechniciansIn case of industrial and production machinery, every minute of downtime is costly, regardless of whether it is caused by a defect or by routine maintenance. Therefore, it is important not only that the manufacturer’s service employees are on site as soon as possible but also that they do the job quickly. But as so often in life, the devil is in the detail, also in terms of maintenance and repair. Troubleshooting takes longer than necessary because the history of the machine or plant is unknown or a spare part may be needed whose serial number is not available at the moment. From your own experience, you will certainly know some other reasons for losing valuable time. The longer it takes, the more impatient the customer gets, which is quite understandable. A Digital Assistant will offer your company new possibilities to quickly provide your service technicians on site with the relevant information for the work to be done.

By means of artificial intelligence, the Digital Assistant opens up texts and images. Being linked with databases while also understanding objectives and contexts of questions, it delivers meaningful and accurate answers, even to technical questions. Moreover, it keeps on learning, thus expanding its knowledge and being able to identify previously unknown terms. Therefore, your service technicians have access to comprehensive information in a trice and save the time otherwise lost for making phone calls or hunting for information. In your everyday work, you’ll find that the quicker your employees are to perform repair and maintenance, the more satisfied the customer will be.

Mister Miller has worked for a renowned manufacturer of industrial machinery in a German-speaking country for more than 15 years. During these years, he learned that not only the right tool for maintenance and repair is worth a mint, but also having the relevant information and spare parts quickly at hand. Through the years, not only the machines became more complex, but also the number of customers to be supported. Therefore, it got more and more difficult for Mister Miller to remember each detail about each customer and each machine. Of course, a phone service centre has been available for years, but even there the colleagues have to search for the right spare part or the latest service report when an inquiry comes in. In the process, valuable time is lost, and customers have little tolerance when they have to wait.

Several months ago, Mister Miller’s employer introduced the use of Digital Assistants for the service technicians. Initially, Mister Miller was rather sceptical, but meanwhile he has learned to appreciate the fact that all relevant information is quickly available, always and everywhere. It was just last week that he visited a customer in Upper Austria, who had reported an unexpected defect at one of his industrial plants. In this case, the customer was particularly annoyed as the machine had been maintained three weeks previously by a colleague while Mister Miller had been on holiday. Therefore, it was of paramount importance not only to remedy the defect as quickly as possible but also to show the customer that the problem had not been caused by the maintenance carried out earlier. As soon as Mister Miller arrived at the customer’s premises, he selected the application with the Digital Assistant on his smartphone. In a matter of seconds, he was provided both with the latest service report and with the performance data of the plant right before the occurrence of the defect. It could be demonstrated on the spot that the maintenance had been done properly and that a sensor had broken down untimely in a plant section that was not maintained on a routine basis. To save time, Mister Miller took a photo of the relevant sensor, and the Digital Assistant found the material number of the spare part in the database for him. The repair was completed speedily, and the downtime caused by the defect was a lot shorter compared to earlier cases. Although Mister Miller’s job for the customer was unplanned, it hardly affected his schedule. Since the introduction of the Digital Assistant he has been able to carry out more service jobs within the same time without additional stress. And not only the customer but also Mister Miller’s superior is happy that everything is completed more quickly.

Digital Assistants are available around the clock and offer a multitude of possibilities to your service technicians in their daily work. If you want to improve your technical customer service by means of a Digital Assistant, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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