FinAPU – The IT Solution for Central Risk and Portfolio Control in Your Company

FinAPU (Financial Application Pooling Unit) is a unique software platform facilitating and automating the entire risk management process in financial institutions and big companies.

FinAPU – The IT Solution for Central Risk and Portfolio Control in Your CompanyAny entrepreneurial activity involves risks, no matter whether it concerns banks, financial service providers, big companies or manufacturing businesses. Due to the financial crisis and the reality in international affairs the risk management challenge facing businesses has increased considerably in recent years. It is necessary to identify, assess, analyze and monitor both future and present risks. In this connection it is essential to use uniform and systematic methods of assessment and to pool the most diverse risks. Financial Application Pooling Unit (FinAPU), developed by Diem & Tasch IT Solutions and implemented by Axians ICT Austria, addresses precisely this point.

FinAPU combines data pooling, risk models, processes, analytics tools and reporting in one platform, covering and facilitating as well as automating the entire risk management process in your company.

This is how FinAPU works: The application includes interfaces that connect data providers for global corporate data, macro data and capital market data. Additionally, data from different internal and external sources of your company is integrated. All the information pooled by FinAPU creates the basis for developing models and processes.

In FinAPU perfectly coordinated modular functionality allows intelligent interaction. Visualization options provide you with a 360-degree vantage with a comprehensive profitability and failure mode and effects analysis. FinAPU provides also risk and early warning systems for continuous control and monitoring of your portfolios. Complex calculations such as country risk assessment or impacts of accounting according to IFRS 9 are also possible. You can also integrate models, data and assumptions of your own into FinAPU to achieve the best possible efficiency for your company. In spite of the large quantity of data information can be retrieved in a matter of seconds.

FinAPU increases the efficiency of your employees’ work; they can perform their analyses using a single platform. With a few clicks, data can be retrieved from any terminal at any time. By defining triggers you determine when specific information should be automatically provided. Moreover, you can set up news and alerts making you aware of events specified by you. With automated data import, AuDIT risk models, Credit Application, Information Sheets and Limitmanagement System, you can incorporate FinAPU into your daily working practices seamlessly. If you’re wondering now how FinAPU can help you to improve the efficiency of your risk management efforts, please contact us.

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