Axians Tool Management Optimizes Your Tool Administration

Axians Tool Management offers a consistent solution for the inventory management, applications planning, and maintenance of production aids in SAP.

Axians Tool Management Optimizes Your Tool Administration.If SAP is already used in your enterprise, you’ll certainly be familiar with the problem that the inventory management, applications planning, and maintenance of tools and passive equipment are not supported by standard functions. Therefore, production aids are not directly recorded in SAP, and a lot of time is needed for administration and planning. The inventory required to avoid standstills is higher than actually necessary, and it is impossible to ascertain the costs for the individual production aids or the units produced. Depending on the size of your enterprise and the number of different tools and passive devices you need for production, you’ll certainly know from your own experience some other challenges arising during daily work. You are not alone with these problems.

Mister Gruber is a production manager in a medium-sized mechanical metal-working company. In the past years, the production volume – and hence the quantity of production aids – was growing constantly. Because of the cost pressure in the market it became more and more necessary to process orders more and more quickly while simultaneously lowering costs. By and by, the administration of tools and passive equipment without software became increasingly laborious for Mister Gruber, and the warehouse kept growing to avoid production failures. Moreover, he no longer had any overview which tool was used where, or what had to be replaced or repaired. Therefore, the idea of digitalizing the management of production aids was born from necessity. In this context, the major aspect for Mister Gruber was that the changeover would take place without much effort and without impeding production.

Meanwhile, Mister Gruber has used Axians Tool Management for several months. The application enables him to manage the procurement, inventory control, applications planning, maintenance, requirements planning, as well as the sale of purchased and self-made production aids directly in SAP. The template solution was adapted to the requirements of his enterprise and was integrated without any interface into the existing SAP landscape, via which the company has been processing production orders for years.

The changeover was easier than expected. For each production aid a serial number and a measuring point as well as a storage location and a production location were created. Thus, Mister Gruber keeps track of the exact number of the units produced per production aid, and he always knows exactly what is in store and what is used in production. In applications planning, too, a lot has changed. Now Mister Gruber creates a work schedule for each production order specifying individual sequences and allocating the required production aids. Moreover, he also enters the date and production volume. Once production is completed, Mister Gruber gets information in SAP about the quantity actually produced. Additionally, tools and passive equipment are inspected after completion of the order. If everything is ok, the production aids are immediately used again for production. If minor or major defects are detected, SAP will automatically trigger a maintenance order. As soon as Mister Gruber enters the serial number of a production aid, he sees the scheduling including the time and date at a glance.

Even if the changeover of the tool administration to SAP implied some effort, it has certainly paid off for Mister Gruber. By means of Axians Tool Management he has optimized the inventory and availability of production aids and thus reduced costs. And since he orders only what he needs, storage costs have declined, too. Moreover, he finally gets all the information he needs about service life and repair costs, as well as the costs incurred for the production aids used for the order.

Axians Tool Management is suited for all enterprises requiring many different production aids for their day-to-day work. It enables you to plan your production orders much more efficient, and to allocate the costs to production aids. If you want to make the tool administration in your enterprise more efficient, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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