Axians Tool Management – Efficient Tool Administration for Industry & Production

Axians Tool Management helps you to manage all processes such as the inventory management, applications planning, and maintenance of production aids in SAP.

Axians Tool Management - Efficient Tool Administration for Industry & ProductionEvery day, a number of different production aids such as tools, casting moulds, models, as well as testing and measuring devices are needed in manufacturing plants. It is a daily challenge to know which equipment is where at any given moment and what has to be replaced or repaired. Keeping track of things is easier said than done, because production aids are usually not recorded in any system. This not only means a substantial administrative effort but also involves a higher inventory of tools and passive equipment than would actually be necessary. Although there are software products available for the management of production aids, it is not always automatically possible to integrate them into the existing company software, or they are linked to certain tool manufacturers. Moreover, the inventory management and maintenance of production aids is not covered by standard applications of common company software products such as SAP.

To this end, Axians has developed the SAP application ‘Tool Management’, which offers a consistent solution for the administration of tools and passive equipment in SAP. As the template solution is based on SAP standard applications, it can be easily integrated into your existing SAP landscape without any interface. Axians Tool Management adapts to the requirements of your enterprise and is an end-to-end solution covering the procurement, inventory control, applications planning, maintenance, requirements planning, and also the sale of production aids in your production. Thus you can optimize the inventory and utilization of your tools and passive equipment, lower the costs as well as the time needed for administration. Moreover, you always have a comprehensive overview of the availability, the units produced, and the respective repair costs of tools and passive equipment.

Axians Tool Management is suited for all enterprises requiring many different production aids for their day-to-day work. If you want to make the tool administration in your enterprise more efficient, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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