Axians ICT Austria is an IBM Platinum Business Partner

Axians ICT Austria is the first company in Austria to have met all of the ambitious requirements for the highest level of certification as IBM Platinum Business Partner.

Axians ICT Austria is IBM Platinum PartnerIBM is one of the world’s leading organizations providing IT solutions for hardware, software and services. IBM has been a developer of technologies and services for the sophisticated needs of large and small businesses across all industries worldwide for nearly 100 years. The portfolio provides comprehensive solutions in the areas of cloud services und computing, cognitive computing, data and analytics, IoT, IT infrastructure and security.

Axians has been an IBM Partner for over 20 years and is the first IBM Partner to achieve the Platinum level in Austria. IBM Platinum Business Partner is the highest level of certification requiring highest standards in the interests of the customer. Our staff’s technological skills and know-how are not only excellent but always up to date when it comes to IBM products. We provide all design, implementation and maintenance services for IBM products and solutions in the areas of server & storage systems, software solutions, data analytics and cognitive computing as well as financing solutions.